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Futera FX Football Trading Cards BOX

Futera FX Football Trading Cards BOX


Futera FX Football Trading Cards BOX


5 Cards per Pack

10 Packs per Box

4 Boxes per Minicase

4 Minicase per Master Case



Experience the Future of Football Card Collecting with Futera FX!

Welcome to Futera FX, where contemporary design meets the classic thrill of sports memorabilia. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or new to the hobby, our latest release promises an exciting journey into the world of football cards.

Discover Futera FX

The Futera FX Hobby Box Collection redefines collecting with its blend of modern aesthetics and timeless authenticity. This collection includes on-card autographs, game and training memorabilia cards, and low print runs!

Introducing ultra-rare Parallel Boxes

For the first time, we’re introducing parallel boxes for collectors to chase. In addition to our standard Blue boxes, look out for the ultra-rare Red boxes (limited to 3), Gold boxes (limited to 2), and the exclusive Diamond boxes (1 of 1), each featuring cards you won’t find anywhere else in the collection.



nside the Box

Each pack in this exclusive collection tells a story of football greatness, featuring up to 5 carefully curated cards. With 10 packs per box, collectors will find a trove of treasures that include two foil-numbered parallels and one foil-numbered insert in every box. Additionally, each box guarantees an extra special card, which could be an on-card autograph, a game or training memorabilia card, or a low-numbered special FX insert. This ensures that every Futera FX box is packed with valuable additions to your collection.


Free shipping requirements:


Australia Domestic: 150AUD spent in total


China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan,Korea:200AUD spent in total

USA: 250AUD spent in total


UK: 280AUD spent in total


Other European countries: 300AUD spent in total


For any other countries:please contact for more info as the Covid-19 delays almost 

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